Restaurants near Lake View Highest Roof Top Restaurant

The Haveli has two restaurants and a bar.. Embrace your taste buds at the beautifully decorated Karohi Haveli Rooftop Restaurant which offers a wide variety of dishes. The rooftop restaurant also showcases a beautifully landscaped panoramic 360 degree view of the Lake City. The Karohi Haveli Restaurant is a beautifully Rajasthani textured restaurant located inside the hotel. Karohi Haveli Rooftop Restaurant also known as “Lake view Restaurant” showcases a beautiful architecture done purely through wood.

Offers a wide variety of dishes

Roof Top Restaurant

One is Roof Top Restaurant, for having a delicious dinner with 360 degree view of the lake & city.

Beautiful Architecture

Jharokha Restaurant

The other one is the Jharokha Restaurant which overlooks the lake and the palace, both restaurants are multi-cuisine and serve traditional dishes as well. slot online slot online RTP Slot Gacor Hari Ini